Your Photograph on Canvas in a Floating Frame

As the kitchen is ever so slowly coming together, I’ve been contemplating what to do with the blank wall above the buffet. Now that the walls are painted, it seems the right time to finally make a decision and fill that space.

I like to purchase original artwork (when I can), but haven’t yet come across anything I love for the kitchen, and I was giving up hope. But then it hit me. There was a photograph I took in Florence, Italy back in 2006. It was shot with black & white film, and I knew exactly the scene, composition, everything, but I could not find the photograph for the life of me. I had removed it from my photo album and not replaced it–Egads!

I started going through my negatives, which is no small undertaking given that I have a lifetime of them stored in a Rubbermaid Tote. These are the times I thank God for my OCD and the fact that I painstakingly label everything. Negative found, and off I went to JW Image Co. (who are fantastic, btw!) to see about a print.

Within a week I had a 16 x 24 print on canvas stretched on a wood frame. My photograph was real art! And the image was perfect for the kitchen. It shows an adorable little lady shopping at an open-air Italian market complete with bins of produce and the woman’s plaid shopping bag. Perfezionare!

Once it was hung on the wall, it seemed small for the space. Not wanting to have it framed, I headed to–where else–the At Home store and found theĀ Miranda poster frame for $20. I removed the glass and the clips, and it was ready to hang. Two nails and five minutes later, I have a canvas print perfect for the kitchen in a floating frame that better fills the space. Voila!

You’ll need a flat-head screwdriver and pliers to remove the metal clips from the back of your frame
Now the clips are there…
…and now the clips are not
My own photograph printed on canvas and highlighted with a floating frame

I love everything about this project:

  • The artwork adds a personal touch to my space because it is by yours truly
  • The frame was inexpensive but doesn’t look so
  • Hanging the frame separate from the art gives it more of an artsy vibe
  • It was easy-peasy!

So take a look through your photographs and see what might look good on canvas. You got this!