UPDATES: Pink Fuzzy and the Westpaw Hurley

We have established that Grace is pretty tough on chew toys. She is the very definition of power chewer. See here the various and sundry items she has destroyed in a matter of seconds, including the indestructible Westpaw Bumi. Westpaw honored their guaranty and replaced it with their Hurley (tougher than the Bumi). That was around January 1.

UPDATE: it took over 4 months, but she finally broke the Hurley.

Time was not on Hurley’s side.

I’m impressed that it lasted 4 months and still give Westpaw a high rating on their toys – I’ll buy more for sure since nothing else has lasted nearly that long. It was a challenge for Grace for sure!

Then there was the flimsy little $5 stuffed toy from the grocery last week that she gently mouthed until the poor thing was entirely covered in dog saliva.

UPDATE: I didn’t expect Pink Fuzzy to last more than 5 or 10 minutes, but he has undergone only one minor procedure – a few stitches on his side. Other than that he is intact and living the dream!

She carries him around with her (even onto the bed at night) and takes him to the kitchen or living room in the morning. Pink Fuzzy has really stolen her heart 🙂

Ready for night-night.

Does your dog (or cat) have a favorite toy? Post a pic if you have one!


Product Review: Is Your Dog a Power Chewer? Try the West Paw Hurley

The WestPaw Hurley has been a welcome challenge for my power chewer, Grace. And it’s one of her favorite toys.

Grace was heart worm positive when I adopted her a couple of months ago. She isn’t allowed any activity until her heart worm treatment is complete (only a few more weeks), so just about the only thing she can do is chew. And she loves to chew!

The first casualty was her harness. She
looked remorseful, so I gave her a pass.
Next was a shoe. So cliche, Grace. But I saw a pattern developing – it was time for some redirection.

Most chew toys I bought didn’t stand a chance and were tossed in the trash the first day, but the three that have survived are:

  • WestPaw Hurley
  • Deer antler
  • Kong – regular/red (showing the most wear and may soon be in the trash)

I initially bought her the WestPaw Bumi, but it was no match for my pint-sized girl.

This was the WestPaw Bumi. I’ve seen this toy last and last
with another dog. Under Grace’s care it had a lifespan of
about 5 minutes, but WestPaw stood by their guarantee.
Grace was very excited to get the WestPaw Hurley. I think
I heard her say “I’ll get you, my pretty!” as I handed it to her.

WestPaw has a one-time guarantee which Grace put to the test and, sure enough, they stood by their product. I returned the Bumi to the store where I bought it and they offered a refund or exchange. The clerk recommended the Hurley or the Jive for my little power chewer, so I exchanged for the Hurley and it has become one of her favorite toys. After several weeks and a lot of chewing, she has barely been able to chip off the tiniest piece. It should be noted too that these toys are made in the USA from non-toxic material and are buoyant. Score one for Grace’s Mum and thank you WestPaw! Now if I can keep track of my shoes…