SPCA K9-3K Dog Walk 2014

Today was the annual K9-3K Dog Walk to benefit the SPCA of Wake County, and sadly, the forecast was showers. We lucked out because it let up from a downpour to a steady, light rain. It was enough to get Grace in her rain jacket and me in two jackets and a hat. Umbrella to share. We were quite a pair.

It was Grace’s first K9-3K and she was beside herself in the midst of so many pups – she loves other dogs. It was a circuit of wagging and sniffing and wagging and sniffing. And she did great. Not so much as a sideways look, which is amazing with that many dogs all in one place.
With juggling the umbrella, the leash, and the wrangling her in when too many dogs were around at once, I didn’t take any photos of all the sweet pups. I know, a big boo hoo! Last year I got so many great shots but had an extra set of hands with me (and it wasn’t raining). A huge thank you to Christine for taking this shot of me and G!
Grace was just about done with the rain.
This is her “Can I get a ride home?” look.
We stayed long enough for the group photo with the SPCA Pit Crew, and then we turned tail and headed home. We were in the door about a minute, and this:
A pooped pup. Admittedly, I was already having hot tea
at this point. Little Miss and I are delicate flowers. Ha!
The SPCA of Wake County rehomes over 3,000 animals each year. It is an independent, non-profit, no-kill organization and receives no government funding or tax dollars. The facility is incredible and the work they do is amazing. This is truly a wonderful bunch of people doing great things. If you get the opportunity, check out their facility and all the sweet fur babies looking for their furever homes.