Redecorating: A Fresh Living Room

A few months ago I moved back to my little condo and pretty much had a blank slate to work with. And oh how I love to decorate. Much of my furniture and artwork were the same as when I left two years ago, but I got to change a few things and ended up with a whole new look.

First was the wall color. You’ll think I’ve lost my mind, but I had to change the gray walls to gray. You’re not surprised at all, are you? The existing gray had a blue undertone and I didn’t want that. I wanted more of a gray gray.

Here’s the first gray (Manhattan Mist – Behr)
Looks a little blue, doesn’t it?
Here you can really see the blue. Manhattan Mist on the
right and On the Rocks – Sherwin Williams on the left.

I had the luxury of painting before anything was moved. If you do your own painting like I do, you can appreciate what a job it is to move everything to the center of the room and work around it. An empty room is a ton easier. But after the painting was done, the movers came. And they left me with this. Yes, it’s what I asked them to do, but good grief what an overwhelming task to unpack.

There’s furniture somewhere under all those boxes!

Before the big reveal, here’s a look at what the living room looked like before I moved out.

The 2011 look.
The 2014 look.

I sold my sofa when I moved out in 2011, so first up was a little shopping. I found the style I like on Pinterest (the most glorious time drain ever), and set out to find a more affordable version. The sofa and giant ottoman are both from World Market and were floor model bargains. The photo doesn’t do the curtains justice, but the print is dogwood branches and birds – so pretty and feminine (Martha Stewart from JCP). The silver bubble lamp was a super consignment find at $20 – can you believe it? I splurged a little on the floor lamp on the right. It was $70 from HomeGoods. I’m all about symmetry, but even though the lamps are different from one another, I think they work because of their commonalities – color and finish.

I love books and have them in every room. They bring warmth, color, and a peek into your personality. I grouped some of my artwork together for an entirely different look. A few pillows for texture and more color, a pretty vase, and some favorite sentimental items and voila! I really like how it all came together.

A closer look at the curtains.
Baskets beneath the bench in the entry are filled with books.
More books and a pretty vase in a tray on the ottoman.
Wood boat was a thrift store find while vacationing with my Mom. Thrifting is
one of Mom’s favorite things, so this holds memories of a fun day with her.
And the super consignment bubble lamp!

At the end of the day, the more personalized the space, the more comfortable it feels. Hopefully that makes my guests feel just as cozy here as I do.  Welcome!