How to get the best SEINT color match

So you want to try that gorgeous cream makeup that will transform the way you think about beauty. The makeup that works beautifully with every skin type. The makeup that moves with your skin instead of doing the “dry and crack” or “oil and pool” maneuvers. The makeup that is customized to you and puts your entire face in one compact, 5 minutes. Yeah, that makeup.

But how do you know what shade to choose?
Easy: let me choose for you!

That’s right, when you complete my 2-minute Color Match Quiz and upload your makeup-free selfie, I will email your SEINT color match to you within 24-48 hours! Read on for a few selfie-taking guidelines.

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Cream Makeup Melts, but it’s okay!

We are well into spring, and depending on where you live, it feels like summer already. It was in the 90s here in North Carolina last week! With pool time, dining al fresco, and the beach all hopefully in our near future, safeguarding your cream makeup from the heat is something we need to discuss. Here’s how to keep your makeup in tip-top condition all summer!

Cream Makeup Melts

Just like a tube of lipstick, your SEINT Beauty cream makeup can melt in the heat. If that happens, follow these steps.

  • If your order has been in a hot mailbox, open the package but not the makeup tins.
  • Lay the tins on a flat surface, face up, and allow to cool before you open them.
  • As the makeup cools, it will reset to the glorious cream makeup we know and love!

Keep your compact out of the car

If you must leave your makeup in the car, leave it flat, face up on a level surface so if melting occurs, the product will remain in the tin until it can cool and return to its creamy state of mind.

With the Shelter in Place and Stay at Home orders in effect for most of us, now more than ever we are shopping online rather than in stores. Following these simple steps will keep you and your makeup happy all summer long!


Tips to Keep Your Makeup Sanitary During Flu Season

By: Cassy Cancino of Five by Five Blog
By: Kelly Gropp of Kelly Gropp Life + Style

Your entire home is disinfected, you cough into your elbow and sneeze into a tissue. Aside from locking your doors and living inside, you’re good, right?

What about your makeup? Egads!

Not to worry, here are tips to keep your makeup sanitary during flu season and beyond!

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When Maskcara Became More Than Makeup

When did Maskcara Beauty become more than makeup for me? Before I answer that, let me give you some background.

I’ve been wearing makeup since I was a young girl, but I never really figured out makeup. It seemed I had two options: such a light application that it was barely detectable, or so globbed on that my face would have an orange-like glow. I never found the in-between, my perfect shade, and hadn’t even heard of contouring. For me, the whole shebang was liquid foundation, pink powder blush, pale mauve lips, and pale pink eye shadow.

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