Cream Makeup Melts, but it’s okay!

We are well into spring, and depending on where you live, it feels like summer already. It was in the 90s here in North Carolina last week! With pool time, dining al fresco, and the beach all hopefully in our near future, safeguarding your cream makeup from the heat is something we need to discuss. Here’s how to keep your makeup in tip-top condition all summer!

Cream Makeup Melts

Just like a tube of lipstick, your SEINT Beauty cream makeup can melt in the heat. If that happens, follow these steps.

  • If your order has been in a hot mailbox, open the package but not the makeup tins.
  • Lay the tins on a flat surface, face up, and allow to cool before you open them.
  • As the makeup cools, it will reset to the glorious cream makeup we know and love!

Keep your compact out of the car

If you must leave your makeup in the car, leave it flat, face up on a level surface so if melting occurs, the product will remain in the tin until it can cool and return to its creamy state of mind.

With the Shelter in Place and Stay at Home orders in effect for most of us, now more than ever we are shopping online rather than in stores. Following these simple steps will keep you and your makeup happy all summer long!