I Moved Why?

This was my 26th move.

Can we just end the story right there? Because I’m exhausted.

Seriously though, in my defense, ten of those moves were as a child. Totally out of my control. I’m responsible for the others, which were nearly all a trading-up situation. Okay, maybe I’m justifying just a bit.

But this last move was different. It was the first time I downsized for the sake of lifestyle, and I really hope this is my last move (knock on wood I didn’t just jinx myself…again). I was in over my head at the townhouse. Not financially, but physically. Maintenance-wise I was drowning in to-do lists, and some of it was beyond my physical capability. But I tried. I’m not one to hire people to do things for me that I should be able to do, so I really tried!

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Moving On (from his home to our home)

Ken and I have made the decision to list our home and move on. Woohoo! We initially were of the mind that we should wait until after the wedding. Ok, Ken was the voice of reason there. His thinking was why add the stress of selling our home on top of planning a wedding? It makes sense, however, as you can see from a previous post, our combined lives don’t quite fit in this sweet little condo. Alas, I have convinced him that now is the time to list and not in July when most folks are already settled for the start of the new school year. Score one for persistence!

But before I do the ‘we’re selling our home and moving on happy dance’ I must acknowledge the list. You know, The List. Like any other project (and preparing a home for market is definitely a project), each task creates another project. We met with our wonderful and talented realtor, Rick, last night who went over my list and added and subtracted where his professional eye saw fit. Are you all list makers? I make lists for everything. It comforts me to know everything is on its respective list.

So now comes the work. Our goal is to be on the market by March 1, but first we need to replace, paint, spruce up, pack away, and declutter like nobody’s business! Some of the specifics are to replace a light fixture (we’ll have to hire this job out as it is in a precarious spot we can’t reach…no way, no how), replace carpet, paint a couple of walls and entry door, and empty out the overstuffed closets – yes, my closet-o-stuff must go!

I’m going to start with the door this weekend. As you can see it’s quite dingy. I’ll show you the finished product hopefully later this weekend. Although I have a strong history of starting projects, finishing them has never been my forte…so maybe early next week. And you know what’s going to happen here – the place is going to be made fabulous and I’ll want to stay! We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

What’s most exciting for me about this endeavor is that Ken and I will finally be moving into a home of our own. We have stayed at my place, and we have lived at his place, but now we’re going to find a home that is ours together. It’s true, home is whereever we are together, but I think actually creating a home together is going to add yet another dimension to what’s already in our hearts 🙂