Say My Name, Say My Name

No, really.  Say my name.  Kelly Gropp.  First I’ll give you a hint: it rhymes with stop.  And shop.  And bop.  And mop.  And plop.  And flop.  And hop.  It’s a pretty common sound phonetically speaking, yet this one syllable name really throws folks for a loop.

At the Komen race this year, it was announced that survivor Kelly Grope had just crossed the finish line.  Woot woot!  Another popular rendition is Kelly Group, and a few will say Kelly Gropt.

Writing/typing the name is as difficult as pronunciation.  Whether it be on the phone or in person, I will say g-r-o-p-p, and inevitably, the person recording will write or type  g-r-o-o-p or g-r-o-p-t.  Even though I often am complimented on my enunciation in general, I have learned to be very clear and not only spell it out, but to quickly follow with “two Ps as in Peter,” just to be sure.

I recently requested some information over the phone and spelled my name without the Peter reference.  The woman said “g-r-o-t-t?  I said “No, two Ps as in Peter.”  How foolish of me.  This is what came in the mail:

Yep.  She got the two Ps as in Peter, and then still added a T!  What in the world?  I know people with names much more complicated than mine – names with more than one syllable and almost no vowels – and they don’t have half the trouble I do.  Honestly, after all these years it makes me laugh (a little) now.  I cheered when Kelly Grope crossed that finish line, and this piece of mail arrived in my box just as well as if it were addressed to Kelly Gropp.  No harm, no foul.

Just curious though, any of you have name troubles?  I know you do.  Please share!

Kelly (that’s two syllables, rhymes with jelly, no T)