An Update for the Bedroom

You all got a sneak peek of the boudoir when I checked in about the rug, but there is so much more to see! My room was cute but a little frumpy. Missing something for sure. Part of that something was a bed. I had a bed frame, but no head board/foot board action going on. So this summer I purchased my very first brand new bed. Can you believe it? But before I get too far into this, let’s take a look at the before.

The no-headboard look left the bed frumpy. The dresser was crowding the bed; I like to see a little bit of wall.
And how about some color? Aside from the blue pillow, it’s all beige and yellow.

And here’s the after. Having a real bed makes everything look crisp. Losing the droopy bed skirt is a plus too. The dresser is now in the living room/entryway storing extra blankets and holding a little dish for my keys. I like the more open feel of the white side table. And the rug! It gives the punch of color this room desperately needed.

While the dresser is being used for extra blankets, the chest of drawers facing the bed is actually used for clothes, so it stayed.

I don’t know what is up with this chest looking cherry in the photos
because it’s not. It’s pretty close to the same color as the new bed.
You’ll have to take my word.

I hung a couple of coat racks for my handbags and hats which keeps the closet clutter somewhat under control, and I like the bags as decorative items because they’re girly and add great texture.

And lastly, the cedar chest that used to be black is now white. With most of the furniture being dark wood or white, I felt two finishes were enough. The black cedar chest wasn’t harmonizing, but it was a gift from my parents many years ago, so it stays forever. When I painted it black circa 2004, I updated the hardware to something ridiculously modern. Lately I’ve been feeling nostalgic so I popped the original hardware back on after painting it white. It goes better with the antique-ish look of the side table. I like it!

And finally, one more gratuitous shot just because I’m so pleased!
This is the half-time show of the “One Room at a Time” adventure. I’ve done living room, dining room, and master bedroom. Remaining: master bath, half bath, and kitchen. Progress.

A Rug for the Master Bedroom

I bought a rug to put beneath my new bed. I wanted to do a big fancy reveal for the bedroom once it was finished, but you’re getting a sneak peek today because I need your help. Help!

The vision I had was something like this. A different rug, but this placement.

The rug reaches almost to the nightstand but there is still a good amount exposed at the foot of the bed.
(photo credit to Wayfair)

So without measuring a thing, I ordered an adorable 5′ x 8′ rug from Overstock and much to my delight, FedEx delivered it yesterday. Yay! And, my friend and neighbor was available to come help me maneuver it under the bed yesterday. Double yay!

But (there’s always a but), it seems the rug is too small to get the look shown above. Apparently a 5′ x 8′ rug is, well, 5 feet by 8 feet. It’s not like when you buy a Mini Cooper and say, but it’s so roomy inside!

I forgot to take a pic when we had it slipped under the bed, which was no small feat, but to get the top of the rug anywhere near the nightstand area would leave next to nothing exposed at the foot of the bed. You can kind of get the idea in the pic below.


To put the rug half way under the bed would leave not much exposed at the foot of the bed. Not enough.

So then I tried this.


Then I drug it into the dining room.

I like it better in the photo than I did in real life.

And while I was at it, the living room.

Looks busy with the pillows and the curtains.

So there you have it. I had a full night at the gym right here in my little nest, and I’m no closer to making a decision than I was when FedEx rang the bell.

So here’s the deal. How about you all decide what I do with this gorgeous but too small rug? The options are:

  1. Under bed like initially planned and deal with the size
  2. Next to bed
  3. Dining Room
  4. Living Room
  5. Sell it and order a larger size (I could return it for a larger size, but Overstock only gives partial credit on opened items. Lesson learned on better planning before buying from them in the future. They are no Zappos!)

I really love the rug. The colors are beautiful and it’s super soft, it’s just a few feet too small. So cast your vote and majority rules! I’ll live with it for a week or two and see if it sticks. If not, there’s always Craigslist.


Ikea Run: Sofa Pillows and a Rug

[update at bottom of post]

Ikea could market the calming (or enabling) effect their products have on us OCD-ers.  I’m not minimizing the struggles many have with OCD.  I feel lucky the only thing I deal with really is that everything must be organized, whether it be alphabetical, chronological, by color, size, etc.  You get the picture.  Not only does everything have it’s place, but it must be in order.

 SO, you can imagine my excitement when a friend asks if I want to make an Ikea run.  Heck yeah!  Ikea understands me.  They make containers for everything.  And pretty stuff is everywhere.  And super bonus is that my friend Karen who moved to Charlotte meets me for lunch in the cafe.  Good Ikea times.

I won’t bore you with everything I purchased, but there are a couple of things I want to share and one thing on which I’d like your opinion.  We’re getting to the drool and the pillows, I promise.

But first, I didn’t buy this cabinet because there is no place in my condo for it (much to my dismay), but isn’t it adorable?  It’s metal with laser cut front panels and has two shelves inside.  I see it in a powder room, craft room, bedroom, small kitchen needing a pantry, I could go on and on.  If you have this, please share – I would love to see how you’ve used it!

Of the things I did purchase, this runner serves the oddest purpose.  I didn’t buy it for aesthetics, for warmth, or for cushion while in the kitchen; I bought it for Grace’s drooling.  Yep, it’s a drool catcher (very different from a dream catcher).  She doesn’t drool all the time, only when it’s dinner time.  She sits next to her dish waiting and she drools like a waterfall.  And my hardwood floor pays the price.  Murphy Oil Soap helps a ton, and it would help even more if I…um…used it more often.

Grace is patiently salivating.  I had stains on the hardwood from spots I didn’t get up quickly enough.
After a good cleaning with Murphy Oil Soap, the rug should protect from any further drool damage.
And finally, your opinion.  I like the look of having a bunch of different pillows on the sofa.  I’ve seen it a million times in magazines and in my mind.  But I feel like something is off here.  Is it the blue pillow?  Because I feel like it’s the blue pillow.  Even though the varying patterns are okay, maybe I need to stick with one color?  If so, I choose yellow (in which case, the blue square goes).
Something seems off with the pillows.

Send me your thoughts on the pillows – my feng shui feels off.  If only I had an Ikea container to keep it in…



Check it – moving the blue pillow to the center makes all the difference.  Y’all know your pillows!  Thank you!