Product Review – Bass Egg Bluetooth Speaker

And then there was music! Since I moved to my condo I haven’t had anything to play my music other than my iPad, which pretty much sounds like the Toot-a-Loop AM radio I had circa 1974, so for the better part of six months I’ve been wandering aimlessly (shambling on Sunday nights), looking for a small wireless speaker. I wasn’t pounding the pavement, but I just never happened upon anything that fit all my criteria:

  • Cost ($100 was about my limit)
  • Size (can I throw it in my purse?)
  • Aesthetics (I sometimes get hung up on how things look. Okay, maybe a lot.)
I was about to pull the trigger on a Jawbone Mini Jambox – over my price point but was the smallest and best looking – when I saw this little darling in a USA Today post.  I had to see and hear it!
Sounds great on the kitchen counter.
But the Bass Egg is not a speaker. Weird, right? I don’t understand a thing about the technology, but if you check out you’ll read that it turns any surface into a speaker. How cool is that? And it’s all true – I’ve had it for about an hour and so far it’s been played on my kitchen counter, end table, tv cabinet, wine rack, bookcase, desk, and the little catch-all table in my entry. It has a different sound on every surface with the most rich/bass sound coming from the tv cabinet which is a thick, hard wood.
The price tag is $100, the battery holds a 4 to 10 hour charge depending on the volume, and it’s just a little bigger than an apple. As in the actual fruit (yet it deceivingly weighs about a pound).
Sounds best on the tv cabinet. And look how small!
Although they don’t come right out and say it on the Bass Egg website, Tech Fortress noted it is not waterproof. I’m no connoisseur, but this little egg filled my place with great sound (Etta James and Johnny Cash were spectacular). If you’re in the market for a good looking wireless speaker that sounds a ton better than your iPad to use pretty much anywhere other than in the pool or the rain, this little speaker is it. Really happy with my purchase…and yes, I’m dancing!

Click HERE to see Bass Egg on Amazon and to purchase using the Chubs Lived Here link.