Technological Frustration

I’ve got a bad case of it.  These are my tools: Compaq laptop, iPad2, Samsung Charge smart phone, and an iPod. They conspire against me every minute of every day. Sometimes it’s just one or two of them, but usually it’s all four. Safety in numbers, and they do bad, bad things.

For example, my phone will deliver texts when and if it desires with no relevance to when said text was sent. I see missed calls with the phone never having rung. This, you say, is perhaps my carrier. Verizon. For you fellow Verizoners out there, do you have this problem? The phone locks up nearly daily. I have to restart it every day or two. It will get slower, and slower, until finally it stops mid text and won’t move another character. It doesn’t matter how long I wait; it is done. No texting, no calling. Restart. Uploading pictures from the phone to the laptop is typically a time drain, so sometimes I go the route of avoidance and just email the pics from phone to gmail and then delete the pics from the phone. I do this only to find that some show up in my Inbox without an attachment. Nor is the attachment in the Sent Items. Another photo lost forever. I’ve done this twice now and have learned. my. lesson.

Then there is the Compaq laptop, from which I try to do most of my blogging because it has a traditional keyboard. I love the iPad, but it’s not for me when it comes to heavy typing. Although, the Compaq is sans M and comma as Miss Phoebe (60lb love pup) thought she would try her paw at typing, and poof! Keys were popping never to be reattached. I’ve adapted to the missing keys – like in the book Ella Minnow Pea. Ha, I kid you (sort of). The laptop, too, has slowness issues. I mean slow. A 5-paragraph blog will sometimes take four hours if there are photos involved. I’ve had the system wiped out and restored to no avail. And sometimes, mid-blog, the screen simply goes black. Again, waiting is an exercise in futility. Eventually the power button is pressed (mashed for you Southerners) and work is resumed at whatever point it was last saved.

Since P didn’t fare so well with typing, she put her message in a paw-written note.

Now you would think the Apple products would be the darlings of the family, right? Well, to some extent they are, until they’re asked to communicate with any other device. Any time I sync my iPod with the laptop, everything is wiped out from one or the other. Why can’t I just add to instead of wipe the slate clean every time? I am sure this is user error, but can someone please enlighten me? Somehow, I had on my iPod all of our wedding songs in four separate folders: Bride, First Dance, Dinner, Reception. Because I synced with the laptop yesterday, now I have one folder named Wedding with most of our wedding songs, but not all, and a bunch of other stuff that was on the laptop and it’s all in Wedding. Some of the wedding songs are gone from the iPod and apparently were never on the laptop? How does this happen?

This morning, in an apparent state of arrogance and delirium, I thought I would sync the iPad with the laptop, just so everyone was on the same page – the iPod, iPad, and laptop. I had moved on from the loss of some of the wedding songs; I just wanted everyone to get along. Sorry buddy, no can do. I plugged the iPad to the laptop and the little circle spun for an hour and did nothing to sync. What in the WORLD? And as long as we’re talking about the iPad, sometimes I can post to fb and sometimes not. Sometimes when I touch “post” or “share” or whatever, it just goes back to the home screen. Just like that, not only did my very cerebral diatribe about the best meal I ever had disappear, but I’m not even on fb any more. Hmph. Actually, that might be a good filter. Perhaps you’re not on the edge of your seat wondering what I’m having for breakfast?

Sometimes I think the answer is an iPhone and an Apple laptop. Maybe the communication would be better among siblings than in-laws. But I’m not so sure. Will the MacBook Air simply smile when the iPad blocks me?

Sometimes I wonder what I must have done in a past life to deserve such ugly technology karma.

Sometimes I think I could just take a class 😉