Like a Monkey Flinging Sweet Potato Poo (and how to clean it up)

I was in the market for another Kong-like thing to keep Grace busy while crated.  She recently has been showing beginning signs of Separation Anxiety, and SA can be extremely stressful for a dog, so I want to nip it in bud.

The nice man at the pet store suggested this “bionic” chew toy that is hollow and can be stuffed with treats and frozen.  I told him Grace is maybe the only dog on earth that doesn’t like peanut butter, possibly has allergies to cheese or anything that is not grain-free, and asked what else I could stuff it with.  He said sweet potatoes, and they sell cans of it right there at the pet store.  Score!

Each end is open to stuff with something yummy

Off I went with the bionic chew and can of sweet potatoes.  I stuffed the toy with the potatoes, put it in the freezer and proudly presented it to Grace the next morning in her crate just before heading off to work.  She was interested in it right away.  Yay!

What I didn’t anticipate, and certainly there was no way the nice pet store man could have anticipated,  is while I was at work toiling away to buy toys and treats such as these, Grace was flinging sweet potato all over the place like a monkey flinging poo!  She had a bionic sweet potato party.

I didn’t think to take pictures until after I let her out of the crate – after she lapped up all the lumps of sweet potato that were strewn about.  I did, however, get this shot of some of the lovely orange stains left behind.

I’ve never had much luck with the carpet cleaning products out there.  Resolve and the like have let me down when I had Sweet Baby Chubs the very hair-bally cat.  Those were some stains.  What worked best was peroxide, so I pulled out the little brown bottle, cotton balls, and paper towels and spent some time with my carpet.

Saturate the stain with peroxide on a cotton ball. Really work it into the fibers.
Then blot with a paper towel. You may need to repeat the process a few times.
End result. Still a faint stain, but much better result than I’ve had with other products.
The pinkish circle you see is from the camera.
It’ll do until I get the carpet professionally cleaned. Again.

As with anything you put on your carpet, you’ll want to do a small test spot first to be sure the peroxide is safe to use with your particular fibers.

Lastly, we cannot go without a picture of the girl, now can we?  About 18 hours before the potato flinging, I foolishly left a bag of trash hanging on a kitchen cabinet.  And then left the room.  The girl and the trash were unattended.  But you know what?  I love this dog to the moon and back – look at that face!

Guilty face if I ever saw one!

And finally, here’s a look at the bionic chew toy on day three:

I’m skeptical of it’s bionic-ness.

Do you have a magic carpet cleaner?
Do you do the frozen stuffed toy thing – what do you put in yours?