Unleashed Spring Fling

It’s a gorgeous day in NC, so I took Miss Grace to the Spring Fling at the State Fairgrounds sponsored by Unleashed. It was their first off-site event complete with a scavenger hunt, a doggie Easter egg hunt, local vendors, a photographer, and a groomer for nail trims. Full disclosure: I was skeptical about the doggie Easter egg hunt. Doesn’t that sound like it could be complete mayhem?

Not to worry, it was all great! Grace sniffed and I shopped. Grace got a flower from Pits & Posh to wear on her collar…

and a new Hurley from Unleashed to replace the one she finally broke (Pink Fuzzy has really been paying the price for that over the past few days).

I suspect Grace was never socialized properly, if at all, prior to landing at the shelter. Although she loves other dogs, she tends to hop at and jump on them. Even though she’s being playful, it’s not always well-received. She’s getting so much better though. I take her to events like this so she can learn to greet other dogs. She met probably 20 dogs today and hopped at only one. Progress!

Far be it from me to brag about my dog, BUT, while the others were letting their humans find the treat-filled eggs, Grace actually sniffed out her own. Proud, proud mama here. She was beside herself when I popped it open and she got the doggie treats inside. The first time she ever found anything that I didn’t fish out of her mouth and toss away!

We ran into one of our favorite dog trainers, Jesi from Howling Moon Pet Care (she trains at Teamworks Dog Training), and Grace was so excited to see her! It was cute. There were adoptable puppies everywhere through rescue organizations. Again, like last week, I didn’t get any pics of the stuff going on around us. With lunch in one hand and the leash and phone in the other, I ended up with a lot of these:

I know, right?

It was my first eat at the Manna food truck. I had a black bean burger that was divine. I actually walked away from where all the people were so I could devour that thing. I think there are a couple of trucks in Raleigh with that name, so be sure it’s the yellow truck with the sign that reads “Manna, Good Food, Great Prices!” They are not kidding.

It was a great outing for the little girl. She seems to have had such a rough start in life; I try to make every day a Disney day for her. I think she’s enjoying it!

I hope all of yours are Disney days too!