5K in Every State – Utah!

Y’all, this one was A. Mazing! And yes, it’s the third one this year…I do believe I’m on a 5K roll!

Twelve states done!

This trip was quite last minute. In July I joined a makeup company (this is going to blow your mind, btw), so now in addition to my full-time day job, I’m also a Maskcara Beauty Artist in my free time (more on that in another post). Before my Artist kit even arrived, the opportunity arose to attend the company’s annual conference in Salt Lake City and I said “why not?” My cancer diagnosis five years ago gave me a new perspective on life and a greater appreciation for positive life experiences, so where I used to hesitate and err on the side of caution, now I’m saying yes to a whole lot more. This is making me very happy.

A downtown Salt Lake City mural. Who else loves murals?!

Since Utah had not been checked off my list yet, I figured I should work a 5K into the 47 hours I’d be there. Why wouldn’t I, right? This one was tricky because I didn’t want to miss any of the conference. Well, it just so happened that The Launch Team 5K/10K was happening Saturday morning at 6:30. That’s race start time, folks. I had to be at the designated meeting place by 5:30 a.m. to catch a bus that drove us up Emigration Canyon, and then we ran the 5K back down the canyon. The morning speaker at the conference was scheduled for 9:00 a.m. Y’all, this was a test of my efficiency if I’ve ever seen one.

We literally stumbled around in the dark looking for the registration table.

There’s so much to say about this race. First, the group trains teens and young adults of all athletic abilities to run a half marathon. A half marathon. You can’t see me, but I’m bowing in awe. These folks are amazing. They coach kids not only to run, but to develop a healthy lifestyle, to be accountable, and to develop a passionate and positive attitude. I’m so glad I gave these people my money and ran down a hill with them. All the feels!

Second, the scenery. Gahhhh! It was middle-of-the-night dark when I arrived, and it took a while to find where/who was handing out shirts and bibs because all we had for light were the school bus headlights parked along the street. Not to be deterred, we packed in and rode up the canyon, unloaded, and it was still dark. This actually made for some quiet, meditative pre-race time as opposed to the usual hopping around and stretching. It gave me the opportunity to get a little zen vibe going on.

And then the sun started rising. I didn’t actually see the sun until after the race because we were in a canyon; it simply became light enough to see, and the mountains of the Wasatch Range were revealed. Gorgeous.

The mountains as seen from Emigration Canyon.

With the run being all downhill, one would think I would have pulled a fantastic time. No M’am. I did an all-downhill 5K in 42:47 minutes, just 2 minutes faster than my flat Minnesota run in June. Hmph. Yes, I stopped to take pictures a few times, but that can account for maybe 3 minutes at most. They say these downhill runs are so people can get crazy fast times to qualify for marathons. Well, I’m not trying to qualify for anything. Obviously.

Check out this home nestled in the canyon. The Sound of Music anyone?

But, I made it down the canyon, and the sun was at my back as I triumphantly breathlessly crossed the finish line.

They pronounced my name correctly when I crossed the finish line! #saymyname

I collected my second place winnings (for my age group, and there were only three of us) which consisted of a ribbon and a couple of coupons for local eateries, and as I crossed the street to await my Uber I saw this.

Day made right there.

I’ve been struck by ridiculous, overwhelming, natural beauty on each of my 5K trips. Salt Lake City was no exception, and it was crazy easy to navigate. The TRAX Light Rail from the airport to downtown was quick ¬†and I paid for my ride with an app. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Waiting on the train.
TRAX coming to take me home. Well, back to the airport. The cars were super clean, which is always a welcome relief.

I didn’t see much of the city because my time there was short and I was committed to the conference and the predawn 5K. But y’all, I’m so glad I set out on this crazy journey! Some of these races I’m half walking, and some day I might be walking them entirely, but good grief it is so worth it. If you’re thinking about seeing more of our breathtaking United States, do it. I highly recommend taking it all in. Let it fill your eyes with beauty and your heart with joy. Running shoes optional.